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Strong Mama & Littles Fitness Classes

Exercise class for Mama's where your Babies and Toddlers come along to!

Service Description

1hr class split into 30-45mins postnatal workout and 15-30mins of much needed time to chat with other mamas! Exercises in class are all suitable for all postnatal stages and will be low-medium impact (with modifications for postnatal concerns such as urinary stress incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti and other individual concerns so please put as much detail on your health form as possible!) There will also be higher impact for progression where needed. All exercises are focused around improving strength, fitness and getting you feeling STRONG physically and mentally. ​ Suitable for Mums 8 weeks postpartum or 12 weeks post c-section and beyond. ​ What do I need to bring: -Water for yourself -A few favourite toys if needed for your little one. What will be provided: -Equipment i.e. dumbells, resistance bands. -Interconnecting foam mats central to the room for babies to lay on -A few age appropriate toys Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced This event is for women only. You can change, feed, cuddle your little one at any time throughout the class and please don't worry about your baby or toddler being unsettled or crying, we've all been there and I will offer as much help as possible to ensure you get some exercise in throughout the class :-)

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