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Postnatal Restore course where little ones come along, with focus on Pelvic Floor, Abdominals and re-aligning that 'Pregnancy Posture', setting the foundations to ensure you recover STRONG after having a Baby. All tailored to your specific Postnatal recovery.

6x1hr classes
30 Minute of low impact exercise
30mins 'Time to Chat' with a cuppa

You will also get:

  • Weekly homework print outs, tailored to you.

  • Your own TheraBand for your strength level

  • Weekly check in via whatsapp

  • Guest speakers throughout the course

Who can join?
Suitable from 4 weeks (8 weeks if delivery was via C-section) Remember you are always postnatal after having children so even if you're 6months, 6 years or 16years and you're experiencing symptoms such as:
Lower back pain
Pelvic pain
Urinary incontinence (including stress incontinence when you cough, sneeze or jump)
Wind incontinence
Painful intercourse
Weakened Abdominal muscles (or a diagnosed Diastasis Recti)

Sunday 9:30AM

Oundle Restore, PE8

Next course starts 21st August


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Exercise class for Mums where your Babies, Toddlers come along too!

Weekly 1hour class split into:
30mins postnatal workout
30mins of much needed time to chat with other mamas with a cuppa in-hand.

Exercises will be low-medium impact (with modifications for higher impact for progression) and focused around improving strength, fitness and getting you feeling STRONG.

​We use variety of training styles all in circuit format so there's no choreography to worry about.
Equipment used; hand weights, resistance bands, steps, TRX and exercise mats.
Please feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer

Babies and Toddlers come along too!


(Suitable from 8weeks+)

Friday 10:00AM

Glapthorn Room, Oundle

from £6.50/Class


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Postnatal Online workouts

2 New Workouts/Week plus Catalogue of workouts available


(Suitable from 8weeks+)


Contact me by clicking below...

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Exercise class for all Ladies!
focused around improving strength, fitness and getting you feeling STRONG.
Weekly 45mins class

Circuit based exercise varying the use of bodyweight, dumbbells', resistance bands, TRX and steps!

The beauty of circuits is that everybody can go at their own pace and there's no choreography to follow...just good music that we can turn up loud as they'll be no kids (woop!)

Each week they'll be a different circuit with a mixture of strength & cardio based exercises.
All exercises can be modified where needed to accommodate any postnatal or long standing injuries/symptoms i.e. pelvic floor weakness, knee pain, weak core etc.

*Starting again in September 2022*

(Suitable from 12weeks+)

Wednesday 19:30PM

Warmington Village Hall

from £6.50/Class


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